Celebrating National Best Friends Day! Mena & Maranesi

Today is #NationalBestFriendsDay ! I am #Thankful and sending #love to my Amazing #Friend #friendship and talented prophetic artist Sandy Maranesi ❤️ www.maranesiart.com
Sandy and I met through work -she is an amazing makeup artist. We have been friends since. #grateful #inspiration #work #art #entrepreneur #music #share#Blessing

Sandy prophetically drew this painting and gave it to me back in 2015 - I remember the day clearly - Sandy said to me " I just started drawing, and when I finished I knew this painting is for you. This is You."
I took one look at the devil and shock my head NOT wanting it (I didn't understand it back then, was hard for me to see and/or accept the truth -when we are deceived and plus the words and images of satan and devil made me feel SO uncomfortable back then.
The painting is empowering. Satan says "She's under my spell" and I reply "Not this time"
God is Amazing - He was speaking to me through Sandy's Art -not only in my current situation at the time... but for a testament years to come and #CoverArtfor myKingofKingsMusic.com #CrackinTheDoor.
I am grateful for our friendship Sandy Maranesi and being able to share your amazing art and our special moments.❤️🙏😊